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End time dreams.. Empty End time dreams..

Post  Kathe on Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:24 pm

These dreams came during the last week in June 2010. I wrote about it in my blog on June 30.

Times Dreams....

Last week I had a dream. Now I'm not
normally someone who dreams a lot. And usually when I do they revolve
around my day, are realistic and soon forgotten. If I wake up from a
dream I go back to sleep and usually don't remember it the next day.
The dream last week was different.

I was in a small city and people were doing
their day as usual. There was a woman however that was warning people
that something really bad was about to happen. Most were not listening
to her but some were. I stopped to listen to her and she said that
she had an underground bunker with food and was willing to take in a
few people but they would have to pay $40 per day per person for
expenses. (When I normally dream it is not very specific like this one

I knew there
were four of us that would need protection so as I was adding this all
up in my head I realized that we didn't have very much money and
certainly not enough to cover us for more than a few days. I was torn -
what should we do.

So I
looked up into the sky and just said, YHWH what should we do. Is it
true that it is going to happen soon or not. At that very moment the
sky pulled back like a curtain and all I could see was that just above
my head - no more than about 10 feet up - was a swirling mess of
creatures. Awful, ugly, evil all swirling around in a greenish haze.
Then my 9 year old daughter appeared standing on the roof of a car next
to me. She started singing opera and I knew that was a bad thing.
That perhaps some of the evil was in her. I yelled loudly Katherine!
Then pulled her by the hand and she stopped singing.

I knew in that instant that (1) it was
going to happen very soon and (2) I had nothing to worry about. He was
going to protect us. I had no fear of anything I saw even though it
was terrible and evil. I had such a peace about me.

Then I woke up.

A couple of days after that my husband had a
very short dream. He dreamed that a voice just simply said the
Capstone is in charge and the Capstone will take care of it. That was

Matthew 21:42 Jesus
said to them, "Have you never read in the Scriptures: " 'The stone the
builders rejected has become the capstone ; the Lord has done this, and
it is marvelous in our eyes' ?

This was a direct quote from Psalm 118:22 The stone the
builders rejected has become the capstone;

He is coming and coming very soon! The
tribulation is almost over and the time of trouble is almost upon us.
The coming weeks are going to get far worse very quickly as the evil
one is stepping up his game as he knows it is almost over. Just a few
days ago he/Muslims murdered/tortured over 500 Christian women and
children in raids on a village. He is angry that his rule is coming to
an end.

Stay in the
Word and in prayer. Get out of any church that is not true to YHWH's
word. If your church practices paganism you must come out of her now.

without a doubt that He is all powerful. His will be done. Some of
us will not make it through alive but we will all live in the Kingdom.
The time is very, very short.

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End time dreams.. Empty Re: End time dreams..

Post  Sharon Light on Tue Jul 06, 2010 2:10 pm

Your dream brings to mind themes of a dream I had a little over a year ago.

Like you, I don't dream much, don't remember much when I do, and usually I can trace it back to something going on in my head. For instance, I dreamed of my late father a lot this past month, up until last week. Well, he passed June 11, 2007, and that's around Father's Day, so there was a lot more even than usual to bring him to mind (which happens a lot anyway).

But in the past year, I've had two, maybe a third, dreams that stuck with me that seemed different than the usual mind-sorting-out-thoughts dream.

One is a similar to yours in that there was something in the air above and surrounding the earth, a dark spiritual presence. The other is one of a time given as "25 to 19 weeks" in mid-February. That times out to any time between now and mid-August.

The third dream, of which I'm not as certain, has me in a huge dark house with at least three stories (including a lower level that is like a cavern with rooms) trying to find a giant or demon and defend my family from it. That one recurred at least three times in a span of a week, about a year ago, but since my dachshund was in it and I was trying to save him, too, I don't know whether to put any stock into it.

Excellent admonitions you give to be in the Word and in prayer, and to get out of any fellowship that is not based firmly in God's Word first and foremost. We need those reminders in front of us all the time. Thank you.
Sharon Light
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