Oneness Doctrine and 'Blessing'

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Oneness Doctrine and 'Blessing' Empty Oneness Doctrine and 'Blessing'

Post  Sharon Light on Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:43 pm


An Invasion of Oneness

Almost everyone is familiar with Invasion of the Body Snatchers, knowing the plot well enough to feel a slight chill up the spine when the title is mentioned. The science-fiction thriller was first released in 1956 with a simple yet effective plot: The people of earth are overtaken, one by one, by something from outer space that first turns us into pods while we sleep, and then into a sort of zombie (but without the rotting skin). Once infected, that's it, you're one of 'them', unable to think or choose, a follower and slave to the will of the invaders. The invading force is sinister. The human will wants to resist. It is good vs. evil. Unfortunately, humanity is limited in its ability to combat this evil, and the movie ends in a way that leaves us to think the evil will win. In the 1978 remake, the force is still sinister, and again the movie ends with evil apparently winning.

The latest remake of the story, The Invasion, goes somewhat differently. It begins like the other versions. The virus comes from outer space, people go through a transformation as they sleep, and those falling victim to the virus no longer seem to have the independence of thought or enthusiasm for life that is normal for a human being. People who are not infected notice this and resist those attempting to infect them. One difference in this movie is the ending. Stealing slightly from H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds, a natural immunity to the virus is discovered in individuals who had survived a certain type of meningitis earlier in life. The antibodies these people produce are used to develop a vaccine and cure. At the end of this movie, humans become human again.

There is another difference in this version. The action is underscored by news reports of no more poverty, crime, or war, playing in the background via television and radio broadcasts. According to these reports, even Kim Jong Il of North Korea comes to peaceable terms with his neighbors. At what is a turning point for our heroine, her love interest becomes infected and finds her where she is hiding with her son -- who happens to have the natural immunity. In the clip below, he delivers a defense of the invaders and issues an invitation to our heroine to join them. However, this new way of being requires a oneness of mind and soul that can only be achieved through the virus. Because her son has this natural immunity, he cannot go with her into this new and perfect world, and she will not go without him.