The Nature of Man (Essential Doctrine Series)

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The Nature of Man (Essential Doctrine Series) Empty The Nature of Man (Essential Doctrine Series)

Post  Barnabas on Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:09 am

The Nature of Man

A. What does it mean to be in the “image of God?” Man is said to be made in the “image of God” (Gen.1:26,27). Only with a view of special creation by God could this be possible.

1. We reflect God in personality. We reason (intellect), feel (emotion), and choose (will).

2. We reflect God in function. Gen.1:26 connects the ideas of sharing God’s image with sharing His rule or sovereignty over creation.

3. There is perhaps some sense in which we reflect God in form. Although God is spirit and not body (John 4:24), our physical form was designed by God as appropriate means of reflecting Him. Even in our eternal state we will fellowship with God in our transformed “spiritual” yet physical body (1 Cor.15:44).

4. Conclusion – The fact that man can communicate and fellowship with God and even reflect God’s moral character (when regenerated – 2 Peter 1:4), indicates perhaps the real depth of man sharing God’s “image.”

The importance of Special Creation:

If man evolved as a product of chance (as evolutionists teach), then the ideas of sin and salvation really make no sense. If there was no supernatural origin, then why would there be a supernatural destiny (salvation in heaven)? (If random fate caused a man to be, then random fate must determine a person’s character.) In fact, an eternal destiny for man after death would be no more likely that dogs or dandelions living eternally if evolution were true. Only if man was uniquely created by God and in God’s image does it make sense that man is accountable (sin) and has a destiny (salvation or judgment). The real motive behind the evolutionary theory, it seems, is to eliminate the need for God and His revelation about sin and salvation.


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