Now concerning the times and seasons (Video)

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Now concerning the times and seasons (Video) Empty Now concerning the times and seasons (Video)

Post  Littlefish on Sat Aug 21, 2010 3:06 pm

Should we trust any of the predictions floating around us? Are any of these voices correct often enough to be considered reliable?

What about the Christian? Is he or she accountable to a different standard in this matter? Is there a harmless method of predictions to which we can look for hints for the future? Is it OK to just listen into what these voices are saying, so that we can better prepare ourselves and our families? Surely God would want us to be prepared, wouldn't He?

This video examines these points in an extremely short study (one 10-minute video) on I Thessalonians 5, with references to the Olivet Discourse and Sermon on the Mount.


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